1. Ten Seconds Can Change Your Life
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  4. Be Farm Safety Aware
  5. Follow The Law
  6. Prepare to be Farm Safe

Slow Down and Take Your Time! Think Safety First!

Our mission is to provide tools and resources that support farmers & drive a culture of safety.

The primary role of any farmer is to provide a safe workplace and safe work systems for all family members, employees, contractors, and visitors to the farm.

We understand that, as farmers, you have a lot to consider when it comes to managing risk for your operation. Farm Safe Manitoba supports you with 4 simple building blocks to help you.

Ready to get FarmSafe? Learn more about the 4 Building Blocks to FarmSafe below!

The 4 Building Blocks of FarmSafe Manitoba

Be Farm Safety Aware

The first step on your safety journey begins with being aware of the importance of farm safety and how to recognize the difference between safe and unsafe practices on your farm.

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Follow the Law

Compliance with legislation is one way to ensure you manage your risk and that all family members, employees, contractors, and visitors to the farm are protected.

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Prepare to be Farm Safe

Safety must be a priority on the farm, not an afterthought, which can start with getting your free farm safety consultation.

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Sustain Safety on Your Farm

Sustain farm safety by maintaining your records, training staff/family and preparing for busy times.

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Ten seconds can change your life

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farm safety resources

FarmSafe Manitoba is committed to providing farmers with all the resources needed to foster a safety culture that promotes physical and mental wellbeing. Creating a safety culture on your farm enables your workers to have a higher job satisfaction, feel valued and be an integral part of your team.